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About us

In today’s world we have the ability to view the content of our choosing at the time of our convenience. There is often a catch attached to it, which is those pesky adverts. They are often intrusive and take the one thing from us which we never seem to have enough of, data!

Brandhubb is here to provide a solution unlike any other. We are a rewards company based in Sandton and our dedication to putting power back in the hands of the consumer is what drives us. Since our inception in 2016, we have believed that ordinary people should be rewarded by brands for viewing their content. After all it is the consumer who helps build the brand.

You may ask how we aim to do this. Well it’s as simple as registering on our website and engaging with brand content by either completing surveys, watching videos, sharing or even simply clicking. By doing this you will earn MeBucks, a currency made just for the consumer. Once you have earned some MeBucks you can use them to make a purchase on our Brandshop or supplement the rest using one of our safe payment methods.

Putting power back in the hands of the consumer doesn’t mean we reward you and seek no further responsibility, no. We also aim to educate you, the consumer about the extensive list of brands that we boast on our website. Quality content and intriguing surveys not only serve the purpose of earning you MeBucks but also educating you so that you can always make an astute and well-informed decision when making a purchase. This will also give brands the ability to get your opinion and input on trending and upcoming products they have lined up.

What the brand offers by way of excellent content, the user cannot do without & what the user offers in engaging with that content, the brand cannot benefit without.

So, start getting yourself into the culture of rewarding yourself, because after all, you’ve earned it.

Join Brandhubb today!

Reward yourself! Earn MeBucks.

No complications, No calculations, No catch

1 MeBuck = 1 Rand

Earning MeBucks is simple,

  • Register on BrandHubb website
  • Follow your favourite brands.
  • Earn MeBucks by engaging with brand content in the following ways:
    • Clicking and viewing content.
    • Watching videos.
    • Sharing content.
    • Completing Surveys.

Use your MeBucks to purchase any product on the BRANDSHOP