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Brand Hubb

About Brand Hubb

In pursuit of an app that met the modern day need to personally connect the brand with the user, we discovered Brand Hubb and created the world’s first application of its kind.

Connectivity is the driving force behind Brand Hubb and by personalising the experience between user and brand we create a special relationship that is mutually beneficial to both. Brand Hubb is the place where social media and e-commerce interlink to deliver an overall brand and user experience that was until now not previously available.

The initial idea we had for Brand Hubb is no different to the finished product and our vision then as it is now is to offer users a chance to personally follow their favourite brands on a social media platform that offers brands the opportunity to display the most exclusive and chic content in that space. A platform that brands can utilise to upload video content, post articles and carry out important customer surveys whilst offering the user the opportunity to experience that content before sharing it on their social media platforms for reward.

We have achieved that dream with Brand Hubb, and we believe that if the content is creative, memorable and poignant, humorous, off the wall or candid the more enthralled the user becomes and so a bond is fashioned between the two.

What the brand offers by way of excellent content, the user cannot do without & what the user offers in engaging with that content, the brand cannot benefit without.

Brand Hubb is about forging relationships, it’s about brands and their use of sincere and creative content intended to grow a following. It’s about rewarding the loyalty of the user for not only interacting with the content but for sharing it. It’s about the user experience and their collective willingness to engage with brands that offer them something more than just product. It’s about the simple idea that with great brands come great rewards and the belief that great rewards are only possible when engaging with great brands.

Brand Hubb is a platform we believe in and together with our clients and our users we believe we can do great things.


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