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Alva Gas Water Heater 16L Hi/Low Pressure 3.0kg

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Water controlled automatic ignition: If the hot water tap is switched on, the unit will automatically ignite and deliver hot water to the tap. Auto cut-off protection: Numerical control automatic ignition, the auto cut-off protection will extinguish the gas supply immediately. Low water pressure startup function: When water supply pressure is lower to 0.025Mpa, the water heater cannot be ignited, Fit water pressure pump to boost pressure. Anti-freeze protection: When temperature is very low, remove the water discharge valve to discharge accumulated water inside the water pipe to avoid damage caused by freezing. High-pressure protection: Once water pressure is over 0.8Mpa, the water-out valve will release water and lower the pressure. This will happen automatically to avoid damage

Digital temperature control
Works with low water pressure
Gas flow regulation control
Pulse double ignition
Power Supply: 2x D Batteries
Heat Output: 32kW
Water Output: 16 L/min
Gas Consumption: 2.34kg/hr at max
Dimensions: 755mm x 440mm x 225mm
Unit weight: 15.5kg