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Bosch ARM 34 1300w lawnmower

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he Bosch ARM 34 is a quick way to get a clean-cut and pristine lawn. The ARM 34 is equipped with a powerful 1300 W motor for simple yet swift grass cutting. It is easy to use because of its ergonomic design, boasting Ergoflex handles, simple height-of-cut adjustment, an integrated carrying handle and lightweight construction. Unlike many other standard lawnmowers, it is easy to store, thanks to its intelligent compact design with double-folding handles and stackable grass box.

BOSCH GARDEN LAWNMOWER (ARM 34) Description: Comes Complete with: - Grass Catcher 40L. - The powerful Powerdrive engine allows for a clean mowing lawn. - Unmatched space saving through intelligent construction and compact design. - Excellent ergonomics thanks to Ergoflex handles. Advantages: - Double folding handle and stackable grass catcher save place - Low weight for easy transportation - Ergonomic Ergoflex grip for effortless conductor of the mower and a healthy back - 40-liter grass catcher for less work breaks - Easily adjust the cutting height through the central cutting height adjustment Key Data: - Motor power: 1,300 W - Maize width: 34 cm - Mowing height: 20 - 70 mm - Grass volume: 40 l - Weight: 11 kg Specifications: Functions: - Powerdrive engine - Graskam - Integrated carrying handle - Motor overload protection - Motor power: 1,300 W - Torque: 15 Nm - Maize width: 34 cm - Cutting system: Circular knife - Weight: 11 kg - Grass volume: 40 l - Mowing height: 20 - 70 mm - Mowing height adjustment: 5-fold, central - Type of grip: "Ergoflex System" ARM / Rotak 2: - Vibration emission ah: 2.5 m / s² - Uncertainty K: 1.5 m / s²