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CASIO 700 Tone Pitch Bend 61 Key Keyboard Black

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The CTK-6200K2 High Grade Keyboard: Exhibits its power in music production Exert power while playing on the stage Thorough pursuit of quality as an instrument, ease of use

Keyboard: 61 piano keyboard shape Touch Response Two sensitivity settings, off Sound Source AHL Maximum Polyphony 48 Tones (Including stereo sampled piano sounds) 700 built-in tones, 10 user tones Playing style Layer, Split Digital Effects 10 species species DSP100, reverb, chorus 5 seed, seed user DSP100 Rhythms/Patterns 210 built-in rhythm, 10 user rhythms Auto Accompaniment Modes: CASIO CHORD, FINGERED 1, Fingered 2 (6th off), Fingered 4 (on bass), Full Range Code Controller: Start / Stop, Intro, Normal / Fill-in, Variation / Fill-in, Synchro / Ending Built-in Songs 5 songs (song demo) Metronome 0,2,3,4,5,6 beat (variable tempo = 30-255 [quarter note]) Recorder Song Sequencer: 16 tracks Track +1 system, 5 songs, approximately 12,000 notes total, recording / playback realtime Other Functions • 32-channel mixer Rhythm Editor (10 user rhythms) Tone Editor Registration (tone 10 users): 32 sets (4 sets × 8 banks) Music preset: 305 presets One Touch Preset with progress 50 / user / Code