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De'Longhi Drip Black Coffee Machine

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Key features: Water level window on both sides of the machine. Keep warm plate to keep the coffee warm. Anti drip system. ECO FUNCTION: automatic shut-off after 40 minutes. Capacity: up to 10 cups. On/Standby button with led. Warranty Period: 1 year.

The Filter coffee (also known as American coffee) is a very simple system to brew coffee. The water in the tank is pushed towards the heating element at the base of the machine. Hot water then passes through a tube, with internal outlet at the top of the machine before passing through the coffee filter. Coarse ground coffee allows the slow passage of water and is collected by a glass or thermal carafe. Drip coffee has a very mild flavour but in fact contains more caffeine than espresso as the water remains in contact with the coffee for a longer period of time thus absorbing its aroma, oils and caffeine.