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Borderlands 3’s First Campaign Add-On Revealed, See the New Trailer Now

Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot will launch on December 19. Story DLC, next patch, Free Weekends, and more detailed on episode three of The Borderlands Show.

Get ready to go all in, Vault Hunter. Moxxi's Heist of The Handsome Jackpot has been officially revealed as the first campaign add-on for Borderlands 3, and it’s slated to launch on December 19. During episode three of The Borderlands Show regular hosts Greg Miller and Fran Mirabella were joined by Gearbox Studio Head Randy Pitchford to delve into the details of this casino-raiding caper.
DLC1 trailer
In short, Moxxi’s recruiting you to seize control of a derelict space station built by the infamous Handsome Jack back when he was still President of the Hyperion corporation. The Handsome Jackpot is quite possibly the gaudiest gambling spot in the galaxy, with neon signs, slot machines, and gold statues all over the place. It’s also crawling with multiple models of deadly Hyperion Loader Bots, as well as lunatic looters who’ve been trapped on board ever since Jack’s death. But that’s not all:

  • Explore a glitzy new galaxy destination packed with unique zones worthy of Handsome Jack’s lavish lifestyle and dirty dealings;
  • Join Moxxi’s crew of eccentric characters and pull off the ultimate casino heist in a series of thrilling campaign missions;
  • Discover hidden secrets and strange happenings in The Handsome Jackpot via fresh side missions and Crew Challenges;
  • Get a blast from Pandora’s past when you battle the Hyperion forces that outlived Handsome Jack, including never-before-seen enemies and larger-than-life bosses;
  • Perfect your Vault Hunter’s gear loadout with all-new Legendary weapons and gear; 
  • Expand your collection of cosmetics with even more customization items, including Vault Hunter heads and skins, weapon trinkets, an ECHO Device skin, and new emotes.

Moxxi's Heist of The Handsome Jackpotis tuned for characters who are at least level 13, but will automatically scale up so that higher-level Vault Hunters can find a challenge and appropriately powerful loot. In order to access this content, you'll need to have unlocked Sanctuary III, your space-faring home base that you reach at the end of the campaign’s prologue. For more information on Borderlands 3’s first expansion, just click right here. And to download brand new screenshots and key art, please follow this link.
As a reminder, Moxxi's Heist of The Handsome Jackpot is the first of four DLC packs in development for Borderlands 3, and is included in both the Season Pass and the Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition. If you'd like to try before you buy, you can check out Borderlands 3 for free on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for a limited time from November 21 to 24.
Though Borderlands 3’s first campaign add-on doesn’t launch until December 19, its next free content updatedrops imminently. Both Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite and Mayhem 4 are being introduced in this next patch, giving veteran Vault Hunters more ways to put their skills to the test.
Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite is a brand new raid-style challenge tuned for coordinated co-op parties of four max-level characters, with restricted respawning to make your opposition that much deadlier. The all-new Mayhem 4 puts a spin Mayhem Mode by removing all player penalties and instead applying just two random modifiers: one that applies a bonus to players and one that applies a bonus to enemies. It also offers its own exclusive batch of Legendary gear that will only drop while Mayhem 4 is enabled.
As discussed on today’s episode, this patch also brings all of the following changes:

  • All bosses will now have dedicated loot pools so you can more efficiently farm for coveted Legendary items;
  • Maximum Bank Space will be upgraded from 50 to 300 slots; as usual, SDUs that boost your bank size can be purchased from Marcus aboard Sanctuary III;
  • A Target Dummy wearing a very familiar mask will be installed in Sanctuary III's shooting range so you can safely test out your weapons;
  • New Vending Machines will be deployed across multiple maps;
  • Players will notice overall UI performance improvements.

Finally, Gearbox announced Mayhem 2.0, a long-term plan to overhaul Mayhem Mode with more UI support, new Mayhem Modifiers that change gameplay more dramatically, Mayhem playlists, new rewards, and additional levels of Mayhem to work through. More information about Mayhem 2.0 will be available next year.
We'll be showing off more of the action and adventure you can expect in Moxxi's Heist of The Handsome Jackpot as we approach this add-on campaign's December 19 launch date. We also plan to share the patch notes in full once the patch has gone live. Until then, you can find additional Borderlands 3 assets and information at newsroom.2k.comand borderlands.com.

If you are not the biggest Pokemon fan in the world, I’m happy to school you about the franchise. Honestly, I’m also not the biggest fan but I know a thing or two. Pokemon, Let’s Go! Pikachu is a remake of the classic Pokemon Yellow. 

The game takes us back to Kato region, where many of us had our first Pokemon adventure or witnessed Ash and Pikachu for the first time. Once you’ve made friends with Pikachu, you go on an adventure to capture more Pokemon, collect the region’s eight gym badges, and defeat the Pokemon League Elite Four.

As a teenager, nothing beat the thrill of going back home after school to watch Pokemon the animated TV series. Watching the adventures of Ash and Pikachu were on one of my favourite things to do.

In all honesty, nothing beats the catching your own Pokemon, whether it’s on Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu or on Pokemon Go, the hit mobile game. The beauty of Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu is that it’s beautifully designed to work the Nintendo Switch. Whether you are playing on the go or in the comfort of your own home, Pokemon Let’s Go is a gem of a video game. 

Remember I told you that watching Ash and Pikachu was fun? In Pokemon Let’s Go you are Ash. It’s your turn to become a Pokemon trainer, catch as many Pokemon as you possibly can, train them and win different gym badges along your travels. 

The game itself is filled with Pokemon, all your favourites but sadly there’s also tons of repetition in terms of the types of Pokemon you bump into. The only good thing about that is that to unlock some Pokemon you need to have caught a certain number of them. For instance in order to take a misbehaving Squirtle from a police officer you need to have caught 60 Pokemon. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but you’ll end up having 20 of the same Pokemon in your Pokedex. There’s a bit of a plus to all this, you can send all your duplicate Pokemon to Professor Oak and he can keep them for you. 

The game does work well as an adventure video game on the Nintendo Switch. There’s a battle around each and every corner where you earn coins to buy supplies that aid your Pokemon along your journey. The battles themselves are turn-based and it’s always better to compete with Pokemon that are complete opposites. Electric-type Pokemon usually beat water types and so forth. As you battle your Pokemon evolve and earn XP, they unlock new moves and gain more power. 

If you’ve got spare cash, I would suggest that you get Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu + Pokeball. The Pokeball is any Pokemon fans dream come true. It gives you the ability to walk around with the Pokemon you’ve caught in Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu. 

Having Pikachu sitting on your shoulder while playing the game is any fans dream come true. There’s also a huge sense of joy seeing them learn new moves every time they level up and ultimately being your go-to Pokemon in every battle. Don’t take my word for it, try it out, Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu is a fun game for both long-time and new fans of the Pokemon series. 

Article by Idiots Guide to Gaming 

The Nintendo Switch has steadily become a heavy hitter in the console market offering up a hand held and docked form of play which makes it the ultimate gaming companion. The first console was launched in early 2017 and was followed by a plethora of games exclusive to the console as well as firm favourites like The Witcher and Overwatch offering up Switch versions too. The Nintendo eShop also has a large selection of affordable indie games catering to almost any taste. 

However, with an internal storage of only 32GB your gaming library is somewhat limited. The Switch provides an option to add a memory card to increase the storage, but even then you could find yourself lacking space. 

It isn’t all doom and gloom though. Watch the above video for more.

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Feel the Flip - The new Motorola Razr
Thursday 14 November 2019
Unmistakable. Unexpected. Unparalleled.

The Motorola Razr flip phone is back, but now it’s an Android smartphone with a foldable display. The 2019 Razr keeps the same general form factor but replaces the T-9 keypad and small LCD with a 6.2-inch, foldable plastic OLED panel and Android 9 Pie


Inside, razr is loaded with powerful, efficient technology. The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 710 processor is designed to handle everything you need. Never worry about running out of room, either. With 128 GB of storage, you have plenty of space for apps, photos, songs, movies, and more.

Water Repellency​
Don’t let spills, splashes, or a little sweat get in the way. Whether you’re going for a run or taking a call in the rain, a water-repellent design keeps razr protected inside and out.

Moto Experiences​
Make it easier and faster to use your smartphone. Moto Display gives you a quick preview of notifications and updates, so you don’t have to unlock your phone to see what’s going on. Moto Actions lets you use simple gestures to make everyday interactions more convenient. That’s just a glimpse of what your phone can do. Look for more on the Moto app.

Photo Storage​|

Get unlimited, high-quality photo storage for free. Your memories are automatically backed up, searchable and can easily be accessed, shared and edited from any device.

Clutter-Free Android​™
Experience Android™​ as it was meant to be. No duplicate apps. No clunky software skins. An operating system that helps you out without slowing you down.

Search What You See with Google Lens
The smart camera with Google Lens can recognize text, so you can look up a dish right from the menu, add events to your calendar, get directions, call a number, translate words, and more. Or just copy and paste to save some time.

From being hacked on Facebook, to unknowingly downloading viruses, the internet can be a tricky place to navigate safely. We have some important tips to help you guard your information, banking details and personal safety.

Don’t splash all your personal information online

There’s no reason to list your home address on your blog or social media platforms, or tell everyone where you are every second of the day. 

You’re unlikely to physically hand out very personal information to random strangers, so why would you do it online? 

Switch on your privacy settings

Do you want everyone to see those romantic holiday pictures you posted to Facebook? Then adjust your settings so that only friends can see them. Do you want people to know where you live by looking at your Strava runs and rides? Then set it so that the first few kilometres from your home aren’t recorded.

You can’t be too safe, and it’s best to utilise all the privacy-enhancing settings that you can. It’s not only to keep out the creeps but the marketing companies and advertisers too!

Choose strong passwords

If you have a password such as “password” or “123456”, you’re opening yourself and your accounts up to cybercriminals. Choose complex passwords of at least 15 characters that are made up of capital letters, numbers and special characters. If you’re worried you’re going to forget them, you can store them on a password manager application, which means you only need to remember one.

Also, don’t share your passwords with anyone, even if they’re your spouse, child or bestie.

Don’t forget your mobile device security too

Your phones and tablets are security threats too, just as our laptops. For starters, don’t reply to any messages from people you don’t know, and don’t click on any links or open attachments sent from people you don’t know. Only download apps from official sites. 

Use a secure VPN connection when using public wifi

Whenever you a public wifi connection, your information is vulnerable. To ensure a safe connection between your device and the connection, use a secure VPN (virtual private network) on your laptop or phone. You can set it up from your device – Google how, or ask someone who has experience setting one up.

Be careful what you download

Only download programs and apps from credible sites, and never download anything that comes from an unfamiliar source or address. 

Watch what you post

Before you post anything online, you need to know that anyone could be looking – from your boss to your parents, to a prospective employer. Even if you think you’re only speaking to your “friends”, they could be passing on your posts to others. Guard your online reputation, and remember that even if you delete something after you’ve posted it, it might have been read, and can still be used against you.

Don’t trust people easily

There are lots of people who create fake online profiles to extort money or information, or worse things. Always be on alert, and if in doubt about a person’s authenticity, Google them, and ask for any supporting documentation to prove who they are. 

Spend smartly

When shopping online make sure you’re on an authentic site – the URL will begin with an https and not http, and there will be a security icon on the browser toolbar that you click to see a padlock.

Don’t save your personal or banking details on any website – click no when you’re given the option to save. Don’t give your credit card details unless the transaction has been initiated, and log off after you’ve finished shopping.

Products to keep you covered

BrandHubb’s range of Kaspersky products to protect families from a wide range of digital threats – from viruses to identity theft. You can shop the range here.

Article by Rattle and Mum 

If you are still one of those people that uses a desktop computer at home or the office (I am one), there are two ways to get a desktop PC. The easiest way is to go to a computer shop and buy a ready-built desktop computer. The more time-consuming way is to build one yourself. There are major benefits to building one yourself though.

For starters, it is usually cheaper to choose which parts you want. You can also prioritize certain parts. Secondly, once you have built your own computer and know how it functions, it is easier to upgrade it in the future. Let's take a look at which parts you need in order to build a computer.


The first part you need to consider is the case. This is where all the other parts are housed. You can choose from a small case (Micro ATX) to a large gaming case. Here you should consider the size of the motherboard you plan to use, how big your graphics card will be, your cooling requirements and also if you want dust filters.

Power Supply

The Power Supply ensures that all your parts have power. These come in different wattage sizes. It is important to look at the total wattage that your computer will use. A safe size is 750W which will handle an entry-level computer to a gaming computer. A modular power supply allows you to only connect the cables you need, to make cable management easier! Some power supplies even come with LED fans, for a cool look.


The Motherboard is where all the parts get plugged into. The motherboard let's all the parts communicate with each other. When choosing a motherboard, it is important to check what type of processor it can support. Also, it is worth checking what ports the motherboard has so you know what type of parts to buy.


The processor does all the processing for your computer. Depending on what you plan to do on your computer, you may need a powerful processor. Consider your budget and buy the best you can afford.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and it temporarily stores all the important information that your computer needs, while you are working on it. A good amount of RAM to have is 8GB and above but the more the better. Check how many RAM slots the motherboard you choose has. It is better to have two slots of 4GB of RAM than one slot of 8GB of RAM.


Computers need graphics to allow you to output to a monitor. Some motherboards come with onboard graphics but if you are going to be doing video editing or gaming, you will want a graphics card. Graphics cards use RAM, so take note of the amount of RAM they have and also their cache size.


All your data needs to be stored somewhere and this will be on the hard drive. You get different types of hard drives. You can choose from an HDD (Hard Disk Drive) to an SSD (Solid State Disk). An SSD is much faster than an HDD so you will want to store your Operating system (Windows), software and programs on the SSD. Since SSDs are more expensive than HDDs, they usually have less storage for the cost of an HDD. If your case has space for more than one hard drive, you can have multiple hard drives. 


All these parts will get hot as they work away. To keep them cool, you can use fans or liquid cooling to keep your temperature down. Fans are certainly the cheaper option, and depending on your case you can have about 5 fans. Liquid cooling is more effective and certainly looks cooler too but is more expensive! You can go for a mix of liquid coolers and fans for an affordable option.


Lastly, your computer will need an Operating System such as Windows or MAC OS. You can either buy this from a shop or you can buy it online. If you buy online, you can save money. Just make sure the website is selling genuine software.

Building a computer can save you loads of money but it does take lots of planning and research. If you follow the above and choose the right parts, you will be on the right path to building your own computer!

Article by Ariel Katzen | Cape Town Guy 

A couple of weeks ago I did an article about Joy-Con Drifting and how you should invest in more joy-con controllers for your Nintendo Switch. The joy-con controllers that come standard with the Nintendo Switch are really good and I’m quite impressed with the amount of technology that’s been packed into them. 

They do have their problems, drifting being the major one but at times they don’t give you a sense that you are holding a controller in your hand when using them. Playing titles like FIFA 20 becomes a bit of a mission when using them in split-screen. They are way too small for my liking and I don’t feel comfortable when using them for a game like that. 

Nintendo does have a product for someone like myself who likes the Nintendo Switch but at times finds the size of the standard joy-con controllers too small. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is the product I am talking about, it shares the same size as an Xbox One controller but it’s not as clanky. From a weight point of view, it feels like the PS4’s Dualshock controller. 

Out of all three controllers, it’s the most expensive retailing for +- R1499 but it’s worth it if you are going to play titles that need a lot of mobility.

The likes of FIFA 20, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and DOOM work really well with the Nintendo Pro Controller. My movements started being sharper as I used it, my passes, shots at goal, through balls, etc, they all landed perfectly and the frustrating feeling I had earlier on with my joy-cons was gone. 

I’ll be the first to admit that some Nintendo Switch titles didn’t work well with the Pro controller, Super Mario Odyssey is a dream to play with the joy-con controllers but felt slow while using the Pro controller. 

The beauty of the Nintendo Switch is that you can play with it on your TV and while on the go. The  Nintendo Switch Pro controller doesn't work so well while on the go.

Don’t get me wrong, I like using it but because of its size, it adds more weight to my backpack that already houses a laptop, laptop charger and the Nintendo Switch. So moving around with it is not the ideal thing to do, rather use the joy-con controllers, you can easily attach to the side of the Switch and slot them back into your backpack.

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller works well at home, while sitting on the couch, or laying on the bed. It makes those tight turns a breeze when playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and shooting alien hoards in DOOM is tons of fun when using the Pro controller. 

If you plan on playing titles like DOOM and FIFA 20 on your Nintendo Switch on a regular basis, then investing in the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is not a bad idea. 

Unleash your creativity with the new Creative Park app, a one-stop-shop packed with endless design possibilities to download and print at the touch of a button. With hundreds of fun and colourful design templates to assemble, the free app (iOS and Android), enables users to add a personalised touch to their designs directly from a smartphone with ease. The Creative Park app is an evolution of the online Creative Park web platform, which attracts more than 10 million visitors a year across the globe. 

With the festive season around the corner, the Creative Park app is ideal for families to test their creative skills, by downloading a design template. Using a compatible Canon PIXMA printer, there’s a template to suit all age groups, whether it’s Christmas decorations, personalised greeting cards, calendars, picture frames, animals or 3D art to name a few. The app also includes educational content to support and stimulate pre or primary school children.

With easy to follow instructions, the Creative Park app makes crafting simple and fun for all the family. The app also enables users to personalise their creations with text and photos. Whether it’s personalised party invitations or birthday banners, it has never been easier to bring paper creations to life.

The Creative Park app is available in 15 languages², allowing people’s imagination to roam free. To get started, simply download the free app, use or create a Canon ID and simply print your favourite designs using a compatible Canon PIXMA printer. 

The Creative Park app is available to download from the App Store and supports iOS 11 or later and Android OS 5.0 or later users.

iOS App Download

Android App Download

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Brand Chat - Episode 1
Monday 11 November 2019

Welcome to Brand Chat. In this episode, we meet Rob Anderson. Founder and CEO of Brand Hubb.

He takes us through the Brand Hubb model and why it is so unique. He also focuses on how consumers can earn and how businesses can get involved.

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Transform your iPad with Logitech
Friday 08 November 2019

The iPad is one of the most useful mobile devices currently available. Thanks to iPadOS, creative professionals can render 4K videos with ease, musical masterminds can compose the hottest tracks, and fledgeling writers can finally publish great epics! As useful as the iPad can be, there are times when extra hardware can give you a creative edge.

Thanks to Logitech, enhancing your productivity on the iPad has become a lot easier.

Embrace the Mouse

Whether you like it or not, wireless technologies are the way of the future. Fortunately, many devices nowadays feature wireless compatibility in addition to great battery life and ergonomic designs. This is especially the case with the Logitech MX Master 2S Bluetooth Mouse

iPadOS allows users to connect a plethora of devices. Many of these devices serve to add to the experience in subtle ways. The MX Master 2S, however, will completely change the way you interact with your iPad. Using a mouse with the iPad is as easy as going into Settings, and toggling an option in Accessibility.

Connecting a mouse then adds an assistive touch menu to the iPad. This menu takes you home, opens the Notification Centre, and even opens the Control Centre. Not everyone may like adapting to the mouse, but it can be wonderful to write and edit text documents using it.

Keep it versatile

The digital keyboard on an iPad is great, except for how it consumes half the screen! This is why there are various keyboards available from third parties. For many, the first urge is to get a keyboard case. However, what if I told you that a standalone Bluetooth keyboard would be best?

Keyboard cases are nice and all, but have you ever docked your iPad on a stand and used a keyboard at a distance and position you find most comfortable? No? Let me clue you in on a little secret: you can pair any Bluetooth keyboard to iPad. Thus making the Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard an excellent option! It comes in black and blue, can sync with three devices and has great battery life.

Keep on rocking

When I work, I listen to music. It helps me focus and often spurs my creativity. As such, adding a portable Bluetooth speaker to iPad enhances my productivity tenfold. With this in mind, the Ultimate Ears Roll 2 is one of the best. It is portable, water, dust and shockproof, and offers great sound! A great addition to any work station or desktop.

Make it your own

The iPad is an incredible work device, one that is made even better with just a few extra devices. However, it is imperative to first determine what your needs are before looking at acquiring additional hardware. With that said, take your time to find what works for you, and enjoy the future of portable computing.

Article by Edward Swardt | Vamers

Image by Hans Haupt