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A Computer Brand Which Demands Respect

A Computer Brand Which Demands Respect

Wednesday 18 November 2020
A Computer Brand Which Demands Respect

ASUS is a computer brand which demands respect. Sporting top performing devices geared towards business, gaming or home use, their product range is vast and can be confusing. But be confused no more – this article breaks down ASUS’s 4 major product lines to ensure that every Brand Hubber can choose the right laptop.

And so, we begin…(drumroll) 


ASUS Zenbooks are powerhouse machines designed for professional use by programmers, graphic designers, and video editors – or for anyone who wants a powerful work computer. The Zenbook series features higher brightness screens and 4K resolution for viewing details in any environment. The screenpad plus offers unparalleled control, and these machines feature high level processors to ensure that image manipulation and programming is a breeze. Backlit keyboards make working in low light environments straight forward.

You can find a range of ASUS Zenbooks here.


If ASUS Vivobooks had a Mantra is would be: Great quality at a great price. Vivobook notebooks are built with more price-conscious, casual users in mind (vs the Zenbook). Vivobooks provide solid RAM memory (generally 4-8GB) with decent storage space and processors designed to power standard work processes.

If you are looking for a great work laptop at an affordable price, then browse our range of ASUS Vivobooks here.


The ASUS TUF series aims to balance work and gaming needs simultaneously. These laptops feature faster CPUs and more powerful GPUs than other ASUS ranges (not including the ROG range – more on those shortly). 

If you are looking at a budget to mid-tier gaming laptop then the ASUS TUF laptop range is for you.


The ASUS ROG devices are designed for one purpose only: Gaming. These machines sport the fastest processors and the most powerful GPUs. They also have a host of gamer-centric features including overclocking facilities, manual fan controls, zonal backlighting and (in some models) liquid cooling.

If you are looking to play the latest games at the top specs then an ASUS Rog machine is for you.

Credit: Dylan Buchner – Junior Brand Manager