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Get active, stay cool and live healthy with our TOP suggested appliances!

Get active, stay cool and live healthy with our TOP suggested appliances!

Wednesday 01 September 2021
Get active, stay cool and live healthy with our TOP suggested appliances!

As temperatures are rising, plants are budding and nature is announcing Spring’s arrival, you too can put a hop-skip-and-jump into a healthier and more active lifestyle. 

Juicing is said to be one of the best ways of detoxing the body. These colourful and tasty, aesthetically pleasing cocktail alternatives is sure to hydrate you throughout a hot Spring day! Keyword – non-alchoholic! Sorry Bob and Nancy…


Looks amazing doesn’t it!? You can make this right at home, in your kitchen with Russell Hobbs, even if you don’t have much space or you are not considered the avid chef, the Royal Blender will let you whip up the basics in no time - check it out!

Russell Hobbs Royal Blender Black RHB048

And then you found yourself levelling up…you can already make killer cocktails and prefer to separate the pulp from the juice. As smooth as a triple-distilled Vodka Vladimier! The Russell Hobbs 500w Juicer will be a handy helper in this instance. Just don’t attempted to make Vodka in this baby…

Russell Hobbs 500w Royal Juicer Black RHJM17

For those of you always on the run, just stick this Russell Hobbs Stick Blender in your bag and whip up a smoothie in isle 5’s fruit fair or the local Farmer’s Market. Just be sure to also grab a glass from isle 3!

Russell Hobbs Stick Blender Black RHSB018

With all the detoxing responsibilities now you find yourself also responsible for getting active to move around some excess toxins. With movement comes heat and with heat comes sweat…what to do? Let Russell Hobbs cool you down in style whilst you also add a bit of flair to your space. Just like that budding rose and the Spring breeze to accommodate, the Russell Hobbs Rose Gold desk fan ticks all the aesthetic and functional boxes for perfect sweaty selfies!

Luxury Russell Hobbs Rose Gold Desk Fan. (Product link: TBC once item is published). Give new life to your space by swapping out your decor pieces with new ones as seen below.

Russell Hobbs 30cm Desk Fan RHDF12

Being stuck at home can feel stressful but we hope these suggested selected items by our inhouse category managers can assist to improve your work and living space such as this Russell Hobbs 40cm Tripod Pedestal Fan as seen below. (Product link: TBC one item is published) 

Russell Hobbs 40cm Tripod Pedestal Fan 

This fan can help create your unique home bliss such as this new luxury designed pedestal Fan. (Product link: TBC one item is published).

Russell Hobbs 40cm LED Pedestal Fan RHLEDPF01