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Light Up Your Gamers Life with these RGB Gifts

Light Up Your Gamers Life with these RGB Gifts

Sunday 08 December 2019
Light Up Your Gamers Life with these RGB Gifts

Christmas is all about being festive, colourful and happy. Much like gamers who like to RGB all the things! As such, we have perused Brandhubb’s incredible selection of deals and offerings, to bring you a list of great RGB Christmas ideas for the PC gamer in your life.

Whether the gamer in your life loves PC gaming in general or goes through keyboards monthly, you can be rest assured these gifts will allow them to be surrounded by all the colours in the world.

1- Give them an aesthetic upgrade 

Why not give your gamer an aesthetic upgrade for Christmas? The Omega Corsair Carbide case features a wonderfully sleek and modern design and gives off Star Wars vibes to boot, making it perfect for film buffs as well. The RGB capabilities are also vast and limited only by one’s imagination. Given its mid-tower size, it is also quite a compact option.

2- Accuracy and speed are the name of the game

Corsair is largely known for their components, and not so much for their peripherals. However, there are a few gems in their catalogue, and the Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse is one of them! It may not look flashy, but it sure packs a heck of a feature set! From a highly accurate 18 000 DPI sensor, smart programmable buttons and even RGB technology, what is not to love?

Give your gamer an upgrade in accuracy and speed this Christmas.

3- Immerse your gamer in sound 

Immersive audio is very important when it comes to gaming. However, not all headsets are up to the task. Thankfully, the Corsair Void Pro is one of the better options available. The headset takes advantage of Genuine Dolby Headphone 7.1 software, which goes hand-in-hand with the custom-built 50mm drivers installed in each ear cup.

This wonderful combination delivers powerful mid-tones, a heavy bass, and exceptionally high tones - effectively covering the entire spectrum. It also sits comfortably, and features RGB! It is available in either black or white, and comes in two variants: wired and wireless. 

4- Help them Git Gud 

Rage quitting. Every gamer knows the struggle! This is why a good keyboard should be able to withstand a punch or two. The Corsair K68 is not only an RGB masterpiece, but it also features an extremely robust build that pairs well with classic Cherry MX Red mechanical switches. It is also water and dust resistant (IP32), which means it will be safe from any coffee or energy drink spills. It is the perfect gift for hardcore PC gamers.

From a cool-looking case to a premium headset, accurate gaming mouse, and even a keyboard and case, Corsair has it all for the gamers in your life! Better still, all of the aforementioned products will add some extra colour to any gaming setup. After all, nothing beats being able to RBG all the things!

Edward Swardt | Vamers