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Love your Brand – LEGO®!

Love your Brand – LEGO®!

Wednesday 24 March 2021
Love your Brand – LEGO®!

Speaking as a parent, I honestly cannot decide who loves LEGO® more, myself or my child. I think I enjoy shopping, unboxing and then building an amazing creation just as much as he does. Not only is the building extremely fun, creative, and educational, but it is also a great time for bonding between parent and child. Let’s not forget the extremely proud moment and feeling of achievement once you have finished building your LEGO® creation, and then of course it is selfie time with your masterpiece to share with family and friends. 

The creation of LEGO® goes all the way back to 1932, in Denmark and since then, The LEGO® Group has become the world’s largest toy company by revenue. The name LEGO® is an abbreviation of two Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well”, and that is exactly what it has done for many generations of children and adults alike. The perfect name for the perfect brand. 

One of the many great things about LEGO® is the amazing variety and the awesome collections that you can purchase. There is a huge choice of various themes that suit every age, gender, and interest, from LEGO® Duplo for the little ones, to the well-known LEGO® Classic, LEGO® Friends and LEGO® City for children, to LEGO® ART and Technic for teens and adults. They also have amazing educational and mechanical ranges that include coding and robotics such as LEGO® Boost, LEGO® Power Functions, LEGO® Mindstorms, and LEGO® Technic. 

LEGO® also recently launched LEGO® Vidiyo which is a fun and interactive digital dashboard that combines physical LEGO® elements with top AR tech. Your child can produce their very own music video by using a parental control dashboard that is pre-moderated directly, so you know your child is unleashing their creativity while staying safe. 

We give LEGO® a huge thumbs up for their incredible approach to innovation, originality, education, phenomenal product quality and just creating all round fun the way it has for so many generations.

Credit: Roslynn O’Moore – Category Manager