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The Ultimate Storage Ideas Your Home Needs Now

The Ultimate Storage Ideas Your Home Needs Now

Wednesday 10 March 2021
The Ultimate Storage Ideas Your Home Needs Now

There's no such thing as too much storage space and we’ve all fantasized about starting the perfect home or bedroom remodeling project — the one that will add secret drawers, sliding panels, extra shelving, and hooks galore to our homes, magically creating space for all the stuff we can’t find space for.

But here’s the hard truth:

Not all of us are blessed with a surplus of massive closets and strategic built-in cabinetry. When you don’t have the time or funds for a full-on renovation, you have to get creative to maximize your available space. Luckily there are plenty of other creative ways to store all your essentials. Here are some affordable and easy shoppable items.

Freestanding Closet

Whether your tiny closet is already packed to the brim or you don't even have a closet in your bedroom to begin with, a freestanding clothing rack is a good solution. Besides, having it out in the open will force you to keep your clothes nice and organized instead of in an avalanche pile in the closet.

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Display Books/Magazines on the Wall

Book/Magazine racks, shelving and holders can add a lot of style oomph to a reading nook, but when square footage is minimal, it's best to go vertical or opt for floating shelves. Take note from these minimal shelves instead!

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Tuck It Behind Closed Doors

Keep shoes, bathroom necessities like extra towels and beauty products tucked away in a cabinet. Instead of hoarding shoe boxes to neatly store away your shoes, opt for a shoe cabinet. There are so many trendy cabinets these days with mirror finishes and other options that can be used as a display stand. This will ensure your home stays organized and modern.

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Credit: Randy Muir – Category Manager