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Which one do I get this Christmas, the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X?

Which one do I get this Christmas, the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X?

Monday 16 December 2019
Which one do I get this Christmas, the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X?

Christmas is around the corner, shopping malls have their Christmas decorations up and you don’t know which console to buy this festive season. Maybe, it’s a new gaming PC or laptop, the much loved Nintendo Switch or the new Nintendo Switch Lite.

Or perhaps the age-old battle between the PlayStation and Xbox?

As a consumer, you have tons of options but seeing that Brandhubb have the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X for sale, let’s take a look at these two consoles and which one you should get this Christmas. 

Let’s start with the price

The Xbox One X retails for R7999 here on Brandhubb with a savings of R1000 while the PS4 Pro costs R8499 with a savings of R1500.

Keep in mind that the PS4 Pro comes with a copy of FIFA 20, so you have to factor that in when making your decision.

By the looks of things, the Xbox One X seems to have the advantage when it comes to pricing. 

How about what’s inside these two consoles.

Sony's PS4 Pro features an awesomely-named eight-core x86-64 AMD "Jaguar" CPU with a 4.2 teraflops AMD Radeon-based graphics card, 8GB RAM and 1TB storage. That's quite the graphics and speed upgrade for the PS4 Pro compared to the standard PS4. Unfortunately, it lacks a 4K Blu-Ray player, so you'll have to rely on streaming services for TV and movie content in glorious 4K resolutions. On the other hand, the Xbox One X has the added bonus of featuring a 4K Blu-ray player. It also has a slight advantage in the power department boasting a 2.3 GHz, 8 core CPU, 6 teraflops AMD Polaris architecture and 12GB RAM and also features 1TB storage.

What if I want to play Virtual Reality games? 

In this case, the PS4 Pro takes it as it’s best equipped to deal with PlayStation VR (PSVR). The original PS4 will still be able to run the PSVR and its associated games, but the PS4 Pro will give you a much better and more comfortable gameplay experience. Microsoft hasn’t released any VR headsets that are compatible with the Xbox One or the Xbox One X. 

Next-gen consoles are on the way, why should I get one of these two consoles? 

We don’t know a lot of details about Microsoft's next-gen console but it’s reportedly known as Project Scarlett.

It’s rumoured that Project Scarlett will be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X, capable of 8K resolution and 120Gz frame rate. On the other hand, the Playstation 5 (PS5) is rumoured to be one of the most powerful gaming machines ever created. The PS5 will boast a built-in SSD to reduce load-times and improve video game graphics, as well as a brand new feature to gaming called Ray Tracing. 

Considering that both the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro cost close to R10 000, we can only imagine how expensive next-gen consoles are going to be. The demand for them is going to be sky high and getting your hands on one is going to be hard. So for the next couple of years, you might want to invest in a good console that’s going to give you great graphics while you wait on the next-gen ones to be slightly more affordable. 

My final verdict. 

If you want a pure 4K gaming experience then you need to get the PS4 Pro but if it’s a 4K home entertainment system that you are looking for, the Xbox One X is the one for you. It also comes in a bit cheaper than the PS4 Pro here on Brandhubb and slightly more powerful.

Article by Idiots Guide to Gaming