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Philips Series 3200 Fully Automatic Espresso Machines White

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Philips Series 3200 Fully Automatic Espresso Machines White

- Enjoy 5 coffees at your fingertips, including cappuccino
- Silky smooth milk froth thanks to high speed LatteGo system
- Easy selection of your coffee with intuitive touch display
- Adjust aroma strength and quantity via My Coffee Choice
- From fine to coarse thanks to the 12-step grinder adjustment
- The perfect temperature, aroma and crema cup after cup
- 20,000 cups of finest coffee with durable ceramic grinders
- Keep your beans fresh for longer thanks to the aroma seal
- LatteGo is exceptionally easy to clean: 2 parts, no tubes
- Up to 5000 cups without descaling thanks to AquaClean
- Easy cleaning thanks to the fully removable brew group
- Dishwasher safe parts for your convenience

How to clean and maintain my Philips/Saeco espresso machine:
- Cleaning the brew group 1. Weekly cleaning: Rinse the machine's brew group with lukewarm water 2. Monthly cleaning: Use the Coffee oil remover tablets CA6704 to remove oil from the filter on the brew group
- Lubricating the brew group
- It is important to lubricate the brew group frequently for continued ease of movement of its mechanical parts in your espresso machine
- Lubricate the brew group every 2 months. 1. Apply a thin layer of grease to the piston of the brew group, 2. Apply a thin layer of grease around the shaft located at the bottom of the brew group, 3. Apply a thin layer of grease to the rails on both sides.

- Cleaning the drip tray, coffee grounds container and water tank,
1. Drip tray: Empty it daily or as soon as the red indicator pops up through the tray,
2. Coffee grounds container: Clean it weekly and empty the coffee grounds container when prompted by the machine,
3. Water tank: Clean and rinse it weekly with tap water

- Cleaning the classic milk frother,
1. Daily clean: Remove the external part of the classic milk frother and rinse it with water. Make sure you also clean the tiny hole. If it looks clogged, insert a needle in it to unclog it,

2. Monthly clean: Use Philips milk circuit cleaner (CA6705) to prevent the milk circuit from clogging.
- For the classic milk frother with a knob, also make sure that you remove the knob when cleaning under the tap and dry the parts before assembly.
- Cleaning the milk carafe
- After each use: Most machines show a cleaning icon for a while on the display after brewing.
- Place an empty cup under the milk spout and follow the instructions on the display
- Daily: Rinse the tube and the top part of the milk carafe with lukewarm water
- Weekly: Disassemble the milk carafe and clean all parts in lukewarm water.
- Monthly: Use Philips milk circuit cleaner (CA6705) to prevent the milk circuit from clogging.

1 x Automatic Espresso Machine
1 x AquaClean filter
1 x Grease tube
1 x Measuring scoop
1 x Water hardness test strip
1 x LatteGo storage lid