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Razer Portal Smart WiFi Router (White)

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"Game" router: Slow WiFi connection? That's a thing of the past. Whether you are playing or streaming, the Razer router delivers a lightweight connection to the network , even if it is surrounded by the devices of your family or neighbors. Seamlessly, you can expand its coverage by simply adding additional units - even multi-storey homes. Fast network: Modern routers promise fast connectivity, yet they are increasingly slowed down by close users. Thanks to patented multi-channel ZeroWait technology, it is possible to shorten the delays in delivery of data packages. Thus, game content can be received and sent much faster without unwanted delays. Strong signal: The router greatly improves the signal and its reception of your devices. Multi-user MIMO technology allows you to connect to multiple devices at the same time . With nine internal antennas, the router achieves a very stable coverage. Extremely reliable: With the AC2400 Wave-2 (802.11ac) dual band , the router delivers ultra-fast,

Number of HUB / Switches: 4. Frequency Response (GHz): 2.4, 5. nterface: RJ-45, USB 2.0, WiFi. Number of WAN ports: 1. Number of RJ-45 ports: 5. Number of HUB / Switches: 4. Router type: MU-MIMO, Wifi Router. WLAN (Wifi) standards: 802.11ac. Frequency Response (GHz): 2.4, 5. Antenna type: Built-in.