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Salton 3 Panel Gas Heater SGH14

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Salton 3 Panel Gas Heater SGH14

Built in safety with an automatic oxygen depletion sensor ODS
The oxygen depletion sensor is safety feature that can offer you peace of mind. The built in automatic oxygen depletion sensor is a safety device that immediately shuts off the gas flow should the oxygen in the air become thin.
The three ceramic plates rapidly increases the temperature in a standard sized room. Select from 1, 2 or all 3 ceramic plates to effectively warm up your space and make the most of your 9kg cylinder by only letting a small amount of gas through rather than opening up your hose gauge entirely.

Features & Benefits
- Piezo-Electric Ignition Mode
- Infrared
- Fast Heating
- Energy Saving
- Flage-Failure Protection Device
- 3 Ceramic Plates
- Three Power Setting
- Pulser Ignition With Battery
- Power Setting:From 1.3kw To 4.1kw
- Castors For Easy Moving
- Anti-tilt Device Selected With ODS
- For domestic use only