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Younilook Mirror Readers

R 695 695 MeBucks

Younilook: a tool that lets your mirror wear your glasses. It’s a patented device radically different to anything else on the market. It’s easy to use and consists of an extendable arm that adheres to a mirror, to which you add a pair of lenses, thereby allowing a magnified, corrected, unimpeded image of your face. There’s a built-in light for use if required and four different lenses, spanning the range of refraction errors from 1.0 to 3.75.

Unlike magnifying mirrors, Younilook’s unique lenses correct both eyes simultaneously for you to see perfectly in focus, free of any distortions. You’re in control: simply change the amount of magnification you want by moving closer or further away from the lenses.

Product Features;
? Corrects from +1.0 to +3.75 for clearer vision during personal grooming.
? Optional On/Off LED light illuminates for the ideal lighting to complete personal grooming in any situation.
? Peel-and-place micro-suction tape allows you to secure Younilook quickly and easily to your home mirror and remove for travel.
? Compact and discreet.

What’s in the box;
? Mirror mount with LED lights.
? AG13 batteries (installed).
? Lens case with 4 lens inserts.
? Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty.